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Paid Withdrawals

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Btccashin is basically a cryptocurrency based Advertisement Company that rewards members with a two level, short matrix compensation plan for their referral purpose.

THE PHOENIX: Born out of the quest to make a difference and to put an end to too much struggle without results is a very short 2 Level matrix program which requires just 2 members each.


With a onetime purchase of Btccashin advertising services for 0.004 Bitcoin, you gain a spot in the Btccashin Phoenix Compensation Plan.


Phoenix 1:An advertising credit purchase of 0.004 Bitcoin triggers an entrance to Level 1, which is termed Phoenix 1. Recruit or refer two persons at Phoenix 1, and earn 0.0005 Bitcoin for each, making a total of 0.001 Bitcoin earnings for Phoenix one. You will be upgraded to Phoenix 2 automatically, which is the final level. All it takes is two referrals to complete level 1. You automatically gain entry to Phoenix 2, after completing Phoenix 1. SEE THE COMPENSATION PLAN ON THE IMAGE ABOVE.


Phoenix 2:At Phoenix 2, when 4 of your downline members complete level 1, they follow you to level 2. (Downline basically means your referrals' referrals or the referrals your referrals brought in). As a result, you earn a downline bonus of 0.001 Bitcoin for each, making a total of 0.004 Bitcoin. The company then rewards you with 0.008 Bitcoin for completing the matrix, which sums up to 0.012 Bitcoin. Your total earning is not determined by us, it is determined by the total number of positions you are able to buy. Let’s take for instance that you bought 4 positions, to calculate your total earning upon completion, multiply 0.012 bitcoin by 4, that will give you the total of 0.048 bitcoin which is what you will earn upon completion. This means that you can earn 1 bitcoin, 20 bitcoins or more, it all depends on how bad you want it. It is important to note that you do not need different set of referrals for your extra spots.



The good thing is; you can work from anywhere in the world, no matter your status, race, sex, income level, occupation, employment status, level of education etc. You can work from your comfort zone and enjoy the endless crypto earning with btccashin. REFERRAL BONUS: The company instantly pays you 0.0005 Bitcoin for every single person you refer, that buys advertisement credit. This alone can make you some huge amount. Imagine referring 100 people; that is a cool 0.05 Bitcoin, which is currently over $800, for referral bonuses, aside matrix earnings. What about referring 500 people, 1000 people, 2000? Your guess is as good as mine! You can easily earn 10 full Bitcoins which is over $100,000 currently, if you choose to bring in a lot of people.


Don't go yet, the Btccashin party is not over! Manual Restart: After completing the matrix, a manual restart is required! Just purchase your advertisement credits again for 0.004 Bitcoin. Your referrals will follow you back and forever to Phoenix 1, when they also complete Phoenix 2, to restart the matrix. As you can tell, this is a never ending cycle. The potential earning in Btccashin is huge. We made it the very shortest matrix because we wanted something very realistic and easy to accomplish which is far better than getting stalled in a long matrix that never ends. Why don't you get to work now?! Multiple Income Streams: Our desire is to see you grow large financially, so we have introduced a multiple income stream. Upon completion of phoenix 2, you are to purchase an advertisement credit from our sister advertisement company for $20. This will make you a potential earning of $6,000 and your downlines also follow you. Get started now and let’s get you going.


Your advertisement credit allows you advertise your businesses with us. To get started, all you need do is login and go to advertisement manager. This is completely optional.


Below are the testimonies of some members who have so far benefited from the reward of hardwork from BTCCASHIN.